Volunteer Spotlight: Elwood Wilson Leads Weekly Bible Study

Nora’s Home Helper, Elwood Wilson, has been leading a weekly Bible Study group for Nora’s Home guests since 2019 (sans a few months during 2020 for COVID lockdowns). Elwood, regularly the Houston Methodist shuttle driver who transports guests throughout the week from the home to Scurlock Tower, has been in the ministry and sharing God’s word for over 15 years at Ben Taub, St. Luke’s, and Houston Methodist hospitals as well as at the local prison. He came to know of Nora’s Home while he and his second wife (a former volunteer at Houston Methodist) would visit with families every Friday morning in the ER.

He aims to offer hope, inspiration and comfort, especially to those who are suffering. No stranger to pain and loss himself, Elwood is a two-time widow, having lost his first wife to breast cancer and his second wife during a mission trip. Says Elwood, “I know what it is like to go through tough times. I raised three kids after my first wife passed away from breast cancer. One thing I can tell you — God will carry you through.

We’re grateful for his dedicated service to the home as it has been a source of comfort for many of our guests, especially for those who are here for months on end and missing their normal worship services. They have also been so appreciative of his work. Elwood says of the guests, “I’ve met some of the most wonderful people at Nora’s home, throughout all of my ministry. I tell it everywhere I go.” We’re a tight-knit family and we’re glad to have the support of wonderful volunteers like Elwood to make Nora’s Home truly feel like a home.