Transplant Learning Center

Informational Resources

Donate Life America

Includes information on the organ donation process, how to become an advocate for organ donation, and lists the nearest Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) for your hometown.


The OPO for Houston and the surrounding areas. Provides information on organ advocacy, resources for grieving donor families, and community involvement programs for transplant recipients.

Texas Medical Center

Provides information about the Texas Medical Center, member institutions, maps, parking, international services, dining, and lodging options.


Provides transplant data, educational information, and relevant transplant-related news and resources for all organ transplant patients and providers.

Educational Resources by Organ

American Heart Association: Includes information about heart conditions symptoms, heart diseases treatment and heart transplant

National Kidney Foundation: Includes information about kidney failure, kidney treatment and kidney transplant

American Liver Foundation: Includes information about liver diseases, liver diseases treatment and liver transplant

American Lung Association and Lung Transplant Foundation: Includes information about lung diseases and lung transplant

Financial Support

American Transplant Foundation

The Patient Assistance Program is designed for the most vulnerable patients with significant financial hardship. Referrals and requests for funding may only be made through social workers and transplant coordinators. Contact your assigned social worker for details.

Compassionate Touch

Provides financial assistance for patients in need (or their family members) who are facing a health crisis. Referrals and requests for funding may only be made through social workers and transplant coordinators. Contact your assigned social worker for details.

Georgia Transplant Foundation

Provides both financial and educational assistance for those undergoing or waiting for a transplant.

Help Hope Live

Provides fundraising assistance and support to help transplant and catastrophic injury patients meet the high financial costs of their medical treatment.

National Foundation for Transplants

Assists transplant patients and living donors fundraise for their transplant journey.

National Living Donor Assistance Center

Provides financial assistance to those who want to donate a solid organ. Priority is given to individuals not otherwise able to afford the travel and subsistent expenses associated with living organ donation.

Medicare Hotline


National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives

Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc.

Provides financial aid, support, advocacy, education, information and guidance for lung transplant recipients, lung surgery candidates, people with related pulmonary concerns and their families.

Pediatric Transplant Assistance

Children’s Organ Transplant Association

Helps children and young adults who need a life-saving transplant (solid organ transplant, bone marrow transplant and cord blood transplant) by providing fundraising assistance and family support.

Children’s Transplant Initiative

Provides spiritual, emotional, and financial support to children and their families who are
involved in the transplant process.

Ragan’s Hope

Helps parents of children with catastrophic illnesses or injuries endure the initial impact and embrace the future by providing financial, emotional and spiritual support.

Transplant Families

Helps families of children suffering from organ failure by connecting them to resources and providing support pre-transplant, during transplant, and post-transplant.

Transportation Support

Emma’s Hugs

Provides parking assistance to families in the Texas Medical Center.

Air Charity Network

Transports ambulatory patients up to 500-700 miles using private pilots and their aircraft. Able to transport people for transplant and follow-up appointments. Medical and financial need must be documented. Service is free of charge.

Mercy Medical Airlift

Ensures that no financially stressed patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of long-distance medically-related transportation. Further ensures the provision of urgent transportation in situations of compelling human need.

Social Support and Other Transplant Resources

Caring Hands Village

Helps cancer and transplant related caregivers connect and find support from other experienced caregivers.

Pre To Post Transplant Foundation

Assists transplant patients with cleaning services immediately post-transplant, assists with short-term lodging, and links transplant patients and caregivers with a support buddy no matter the stage of the transplant journey they’re in.

The Living Bank

Provides social services for Nora’s Home guests, advocates for living donors, and helps build awareness of organ donation.