Welcome Home Annual Fund

Established in 2021, the Welcome Home Annual Fund at Nora’s Home is a way to support the ongoing operational needs of our facility and bridges the gap between the true cost of a night’s stay and what guests pay. Guest stay revenues do not cover the entire operating budget of Nora’s Home: our guests pay an average of $25/night. The Welcome Home Annual Fund makes up that crucial difference.

Gifts to the Welcome Home Annual Fund ensure the financial health and longevity of Nora’s Home. This fund provides for the items that create a home – 24-hour staff and housekeeping; functional goods such as kitchenware, linens and toilet paper; sanitation protocols that make the home safe; and professional services that keep the house running – as well as the resources necessary to secure our future.

Your gift will provide financial assistance to guests in need and will ensure the doors of Nora’s Home always remain open. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a true difference to Nora’s Home, our guests and their caregivers. Your gift is an expression of confidence in the home and assists in maintaining the quality and affordability of a stay at the home.

Ellie’s Transplant Story

Ellie is the youngest sibling of five; she has three sisters and one brother. When she was born, she had breathing issues and after many tests, they found she had a genetic condition that affected her lungs. At one month old, the doctor told Ellie’s family that she’d need a lung transplant. Ellie and her mother, Seferina, came from Georgia to Houston by bus in May 2020 and she was placed on the transplant list. A few months later in July, Ellie received the gift of new life at four months old.

Interview with Seferina

Q: What has Ellie been up to?
A: Ellie loves to talk, play and run! She is very intelligent and attentive. Her siblings are so glad she is home, and they help out with her and have fun together! It was hard when we were away for almost a year; we Facetimed a lot!

Q: What do you enjoy most about Nora’s Home?
A: I was very grateful to be at Nora’s Home and have a place to stay. I enjoy the community and truly feel safe and loved here. I had a huge support system and lots of help from…

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