Welcome Home Annual Fund

Established in 2021, the Welcome Home Annual Fund at Nora’s Home is a way to support the ongoing operational needs of our facility and bridges the gap between the true cost of a night’s stay and what guests pay. Guest stay revenues do not cover the entire operating budget of Nora’s Home: our guests pay an average of $25/night. The Welcome Home Annual Fund makes up that crucial difference.

Gifts to the Welcome Home Annual Fund ensure the financial health and longevity of Nora’s Home. This fund provides for the items that create a home – 24-hour staff and housekeeping; functional goods such as kitchenware, linens and toilet paper; sanitation protocols that make the home safe; and professional services that keep the house running – as well as the resources necessary to secure our future.

Your gift will provide financial assistance to guests in need and will ensure the doors of Nora’s Home always remain open. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a true difference to Nora’s Home, our guests and their caregivers. Your gift is an expression of confidence in the home and assists in maintaining the quality and affordability of a stay at the home.

Meet Our Guests


Favorite thing to do at Nora’s Home? I liked to hang out with my mom and dad. We’ve played games, watched movies in the family room, got to do puzzles and played putt-putt outside.

What are the hopes for Ellie? This transplant will improve Ellie’s life. It will give her a better quality of life. We want Ellie to be a kid with her new liver, to just enjoy being a kid. Our hope is she grows up to be a sweet, ambitious and respectful young lady.


What do you enjoy most about Nora’s Home? Once you go through organ failure, you understand the aches, pains, and frustrations. Having a community of support around you all the time is just what you need. Everyone here knows what you’re going through and understands it. They can help you, they can talk to you, and they can encourage you. They truly motivate you to want to get better. Nora’s Home has rehabilitated me. I am blessed!


Fun Fact: Her donor was her sister, Kelli, who hails from Utah!

What does Nora’s Home mean to you? I was in Houston with my husband for 16 months while he had a double lung transplant in 2019. We stayed at Nora’s Home for some of this time. The moment we walked in, it immediately felt like home. The genuine care of the staff, meeting new people and then being able to reunite with the friends you made sets this place apart! Each time you return, you come back to a home of love and support. When I came back for my own transplant, I was so happy to see familiar faces and be home! It’s truly a place that brings everyone together and creates lifelong friendships.


What have you enjoyed most about Nora’s Home? I got to celebrate my birthday while I was here. My birthday was in June, and I was turning 63 and it WAS a time to rejoice! I was able to party with the guests that were here and celebrate life. We danced, we sang, we ate cake, and decorated the dining room. We had so much fun! It’s great being in a place where everyone can share their similar journey and see the miracles that are happening around us.

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