Covid-19 Response

Stay With Confidence During COVID-19

In response to vaccinations being widely available to the public and in efforts to ensure Nora’s Home remains a safe haven for all guests, we have updated the admissions criteria for patients, caregivers, volunteers, and any visiting professionals providing services within the home as well as mandated full-vaccination of all staff.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nora’s Home is using all reasonable efforts to protect the health and safety of solid organ transplant patients, their caregivers and the Nora’s Home Staff. We have implemented safeguards congruent with state and local health recommendations that are aimed at limiting the risk of exposure to the virus and we continue to maintain a safe and low risk setting for virus transmission.

We are operating at full capacity, accepting patients/caregivers or volunteer groups who are fully-vaccinated or test negative. All guests must comply with house rules of mask wearing and social distancing. We encourage you to call us (832) 831-3720 for any questions.

Our preventative measures include:


Please note that that this is not a comprehensive list of protocols. Additional house rules designed to ensure the safety of all Nora’s Home guests and staff will be provided to you at time of check-in.

We thank all our guests for their cooperation.

For additional questions, please call us at (832) 831-3720.