Java Pura Coffee Donates Specialty Coffee for Guests

Local coffee brewer, Java Pura, has been donating their specialty coffee to the guests of Nora’s Home for years. A fresh pot of this coffee is prepared every morning for our guests and literally keeps the home running! When interviewing Richard Colt, Owner of Java Pura, he said the following:

How did Java Pura get involved with coffee donations? 

“As sticklers for quality we won’t allow our coffees to get ‘old’ and will actually buy back one month old coffee from our retailers. Luckily we don’t have to do this often, but when we do we try find it a good home with people who appreciate it. Additionally, if we’re even slightly ‘off’ on one of our roasts, we won’t allow that coffee to go to market, but again would rather find it a good home, with Nora’s Home being a deserving one! So, why do we donate? Because we’re able, we enjoy it, it makes people happy, and bottom line nothing should ever go to waste, especially in the world of specialty coffee where SO much work goes into getting it from seed to cup!” 

What makes Java Pura the best coffee?

“What makes Java Pura so special is that at Java Pura we truly care about every aspect involved in producing stellar specialty coffees for our customers. From meticulous sourcing, to paying fair market prices to our producers, to roasting in small batches, and to finally making our coffees available as fresh as possible to our customers, we strive for excellence with every step in the process!”

Do you or does anyone close to you have any connection to the transplant journey?

“Luckily for my team and myself we don’t have a personal connection to the transplant journey, however we truly appreciate what you all do and are so happy to be able to contribute in our small way.”

Thank you, Java Pura, for this incredible support for our transplant community! These small acts of kindness from our community partners are heart-warming–in more ways than one!–and really add to the hope and healing felt here at the home.