A Stop Along the Organ Trail

Another Stop Along the “Organ Trail”

On March 28th, 2023 Nora’s Home hosted organ donation activist, Mark Scotch, along his 1,500 mile “Organ Trail” bike ride from Lubbock, TX to Baton Rouge, LA. We were joined by partnering organizations, LifeGift and The Living Bank, as well as Nora’s Home guests, to cheer on Mark on his journey and join him in celebrating the Gift of Life. Accompanying Mark on his ride through the parking lot of Nora’s Home and making the cutest entourage were 4-year-olds Oliver and Kaylee Gray–son and daughter of Abby (author of Clayton Sparks Leaves His Mark and organ donation activist) and Reid Gray (transplant recipient).

Mark has completed multiple marathon rides all in the name of raising awareness of living donor donations. Mark and his wife Lynn are both kidney donors and are passionate about demonstrating what you can accomplish with only one kidney. They both hope to go on to donate a portion of their liver in the near future as well. You can read more about their story below.


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