A Lifelong Gift: Naming the Hern Family Campus

John L. Hern

A Lifelong Gift

For more than a decade, Nora’s Home has had a special bond with the JLH Foundation. Paula Hern and her husband, Tom Barbour, (pictured on the left and in the center) along with founding board member, Ellis Tudzin (on the right), wanted to fulfill her late father’s wishes and create a way for his memory to live on. The JLH Foundation, named after John L. Hern (pictured above), was established in 1998 to support the financial needs of transplant patients and their families while promoting the need for organ donation.

While Paula’s father, John L. Hern, was awaiting a heart transplant in 1996, he befriended many patients on his journey and learned of the difficulty for so many that could not afford the associated costs of a transplant, such as prescriptions and temporary housing.


The JLH Foundation graciously supported the early years of Nora’s Home, contributing to the building of the 16-suite facility that opened in 2013 and in planning for the future expansion. On October 24, 2018, at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the phase two expansion, the campus was dedicated as the Hern Family Campus. A sign was erected above the entryway welcoming guests traveling from near and far to stay at Nora’s Home.

“We are grateful for the support of the JLH Foundation and our friendship with Paula, Tom, and Ellis,” said Natalie Lencioni, Executive Director. “Their kindness is felt every day by our guests who have a safe place to stay and roof over their head while they rest, heal and recover at Nora’s Home. John’s memory certainly lives on every day in the halls of the home.”

The Hern family’s generous and loving nature, as well as a devotion to helping those in need, will live on through the JLH Foundation for many years to come.