Staff Spotlight: Marilda Daniels

Today we’re highlighting our valiant Operations Manager, Marilda Daniels.  If you’ve ever visited us, you’ll know just how essential Marilda is to everything we undertake at Nora’s Home.  We couldn’t do it without her, and we couldn’t be more glad she’s on our team!

Marilda recently reflected on her time with Nora’s Home:

“Wow, five years already and what a ride it’s been! When we opened our doors in November 2013, my original thought was that Nora’s Home would be a delightful place to work and that perhaps I would have the opportunity to meet a few nice guests. Little did I know what a life changing experience I was about to undertake.

There is no way I could have known how much richer my life would become thanks to all of the fearless patients and family members who have passed through our doors.

Over the past five years I have listened intensely to our guests share the stories of their transplant journeys during multiple visits to Nora’s Home. I have had the privilege of making family members smile and sometimes even laugh as they return to Nora’s Home following a long day at the hospital visiting their recovering loved ones. Most importantly, I have been humbled by the strength and the faith of all our guests as I watch them navigate the peaks and valleys of their transplant experience.

Now that the new addition has finally opened, I am so excited about the next five years! I look forward to meeting, greeting, consoling, celebrating, laughing and talking with even more guests. Bring it on!”

Executive Director Natalie Raymer added, “each and every day Marilda brings warmth, compassion, and a big, welcoming smile to all who enter our doors. She is like family to many and greets our guests as such. She’s simply a delight!”

Thanks, Marilda!