Guests of the Week: The Hilliards

Let’s welcome the Hilliards  as our guests of the week!  Thomas, a pre-lung patient at Houston Methodist, is here with his supportive wife, Kaye, and his wonderful daughter, Jan. We’ve been touched by the generosity this family shows to our staff and their fellow guests. Jan hosted a Super Bowl party complete with pizzas and other tasty treats during the big game.  Later in the week, Kaye and Thomas celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary and Jan encouraged everyone to share in the celebration by enjoying a piece of delicious carrot cake from a local Houston baker.

When asked what it’s like to be back at Nora’s Home for a visit Jan said, “Nora’s Home has been a second home during this journey that my dad and my mom are going through. This is our 4th trip and the people and environment are what makes these trips more hopeful. It’s truly a HOME where we can laugh, cry, share with others, connect, rest and make it through another day! We are all grateful for this gift that is our home away from home. Thank you!”

-Jan Erin Corzo

Nora’s Home’s gracious Super Bowl Sunday host
Sweet daughter, Jan, showering her parents with love as they celebrate their wedding anniversary