Guests of the Week: Donald and Kay Kendrick

Say hello to Donald and Kay Kendrick from Carlsbad, NM.   Donald received his new heart 10 years ago at Houston Methodist Hospital.  During the Kendricks’ short stay at Nora’s Home, they have been awesome guests.  They started out making a very thoughtful donation to the Adopt a Family Fund.  Later they went shopping for food to help stock the House Pantry which is utilized by guests every day.    Finally, before they left the dynamic duo decided to host a dinner.  Donald grilled the hotdogs and hamburgers while Kay prepared the fixings.  What a team!!!  The unexpected dinner was fun and delicious.

When the dynamic duo was asked about their first experience at Nora’s Home they both agreed,  “Nora’s Home is a Godsend for transplant patients.  We enjoyed the fellowship with others that have/are walking in our shoes.  The staff is very helpful and courteous.  This is a huge asset for the transplant community as a whole.  God bless all who enter these doors!”

The Kendricks prepare a wonderful meal to share with Nora's Home Guests  Hotdogs and Hamburgers at Nora's Home  The Kendricks share a meal with Nora's Home during their stay.