Guest of the Week: Walberto ‘Wally’ Perez

We were thrilled to welcome back one of our first guests, Walberto ‘Wally’ Perez, as well as his mother Neydi ‘Gabby’ Gomez. Wally arrived soon after Nora’s Home opened to seek care at Texas Children’s Hospital in February 2014. From having an LVAD and speaking at the 2014 Nora’s Home Gala to celebrating his 7th birthday with us and finally moving back home with new heart in September 2014, Wally has always been a bundle of energy and joy. He features in the first video for Nora’s Home and was the source of inspiration for The Tile Project. Wally is still as inquisitive as ever and explored the construction of our Phase II expansion during his overnight stay. Our Guest of the Week is doing very well with his new heart and it is a delight to see how much he grows between visits. This time around, Nora’s Home has been growing too!

The photo features Wally with the Operations Manager of Nora’s Home, Marilda Daniels.