Guest of the Week: Veridiana Hernandez-Jimenez

Last week another one of our amazing guests was fortunate enough to “Ring the Bell” at Nora’s Home before packing her bags to go home to Austin, Texas! Veridiana Hernandez-Jimenez received a second kidney on August 1st at CHI St. Luke’s Hospital with the help of her generous donor and mother, Silvia Jimenez. Since the transplant surgery, Veridiana has been recovering at Nora’s Home with the company of her husband, Hector Espinoza. When asked about her experience of staying in our home, Veridiana stated, ”It’s a blessing being at Nora’s Home. I have met many people with different stories. I am grateful for their support and I love that they have become a part of me, the staff and the residents. I will continue to pray for each of them. My first transplant was in March 2008, but by December 2018 I was back on dialysis. On August 1st my mother gave me another chance at life. Thank you Mom for being my donor, even without knowing whether or not it would go well. Also knowing it is not a cure but just to keep me from having to deal with dialysis. Glory to God I have a working kidney. I love you Mom and I am beyond grateful! Thank you Nora’s Home for allowing me to stay here while I recover. May God keep blessing this home and all who come through these doors. Thank you mom, dad, and Hector for taking care of me. In God I trust. Senor, Dios Mio clamo y tu me sanaste. Salmo 30:3.”