Nora's Home & LifeGift Book Club

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with fellow transplant patients, enjoy meaningful discussions, and explore new literary horizons! Nora’s Home is partnering with LifeGift to bring a virtual book club to our guests for both English and Spanish-speakers!

Our first book, LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE or COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE, by Laura Esquirel is a novel chalk-full of rich and beautiful metaphors and figurative language, magical realism and best of all FOOD! The passion poured into writing this novel creates a meaningful, emotional, and heartfelt journey for every reader. Watch as Tita discovers herself and learns life lessons—most importantly about love and sacrifice.

Places to buy or borrow a copy of LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE or COMO AGUA PARA CHOCOLATE,

Free Options

  • Open Library: readers can borrow the eBook free for 2 weeks
  • Your Local Library: library card holders may be able to borrow the eBook from their own library or find other copies available through inter-library loans.

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Reasonably Priced

Our first meeting will take place via Zoom at the end of April. Stay tuned for more updates!