2020 Gala: The Sky's the Limit


The Sky’s The Limit!

Come fly with us on March 7th as we celebrate the gift of flight and life with Nora’s Home at Houston’s premier luxury hotel, The Post Oak.

Our goal this year is much like those of the pilots during the Golden Age of Aviation. During the 1920’s these pioneers of flight were breaking and setting aviation speed and distance records. We aim to break our past fundraising records and help as many transplant patients and families in need as possible!

At this year’s 9th annual gala, we will be celebrating the evening by honoring Million Air. Through the provision of rapid organ recovery and transportation services, Million Air plays an integral part in the transplant journey. Their immeasurable generosity, and their particular commitment to be of service to the Houston community, has touched the lives of many organ failure patients and transplant families in the Texas Medical Center and at Nora’s Home.

We’re honored that this year’s event is chaired by Susie Cunningham and Chelsea Cunningham McDermott.

Registration is now open!  Reserve your table or secure your ticket here.