noraWho is Nora?

Nora Gaber's legacy is defined by unselfish compassion, devoted friendship, and life-saving acts of kindness. And while a typical child in many ways, Nora cared deeply about those in less fortunate situations – whatever their needs.

A fun-loving little girl, she adored shopping, dressing in costumes, and performing in school plays. She embraced nature and the outdoors, enjoyed soccer and Girl Scouts. Nora jumped in fully – the messier and muddier she got, the better! She had long thick hair, and insisted on wearing it untied as she loved the feeling of her hair flying wild and loose while playing on her swing set.

A talented artist, Nora once set up a booth on the street to sell her pictures – like some children would sell lemonade. But what stood out most about Nora was her deep connection with people. She often asked to be punished with her older brother or sister because she could not bear for them to be chastised alone. At school, she was honored with the “Best Friend Award”.

Her natural, authentic kindness extended to strangers. Every night before she settled down to sleep, she asked about the poor. Did they have food, a place to sleep, a family? She refused to close her eyes until reassured. While driving along streets in her hometown of Memphis, Nora would vehemently insist they turn the car around to help any homeless person they passed. And once, on a family vacation, she gave away her souvenir money to help a homeless woman on the street. Nora’s caring heart was the kind that had to take action. She saw a need, and she simply had to help.

On June 12, 1997, Nora’s life was cut short in a tragic automobile accident. Her parents’ decision to donate her organs to save the lives of several critically ill children was a continuation of her charitable heart and innate spirit of giving.

Nora is the daughter of Dr. Osama Gaber and Dr. Lillian Gaber. Dr. Osama Gaber is a transplant surgeon and the director of The Methodist J. C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center. Dr. Lillian Gaber is a nationally renowned transplant pathologist. Nora has four beloved brothers and sisters, Sherief, Nadia, Yousef, and Lilah.