Adopt A Family


Families staying at Nora’s Home are asked to pay a small fee per night in exchange for their room, communal kitchen, living room areas, laundry facilities, educational resources, secure parking and free shuttle service to the medical center. Funds raised through the Adopt-A-Family Program are used to offset the difference between the actual operating cost and the amount families are asked to pay. In addition, the Adopt-A-Family Program provides financial support for those families who are unable to pay even the minimal nightly fee.

Transplant patients and their families may have to stay at Nora’s Home for several weeks or even months and they must return to Houston several times throughout the long course of their treatment. Patients staying at Nora’s Home travel long distances and may have taken a leave of absence from their work. These facts, coupled with escalating medical costs, put a tremendous financial strain on the transplant families.

Please help Nora’s Home ensure that our doors are always open to welcome transplant patients and their families. Each contribution helps support one night of lodging for a family staying at Nora’s Home. You can contribute to sponsor one night, two nights, a weekend or more!


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