TCH Tile Gift 4-27-16

The Transplant Tile Project

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The Tile Project is facilitated weekly throughout the Texas Medical Center at Nora’s Home, Methodist Hospital, Memorial Hermann and Texas Children’s. During this time, every person is encouraged to create their own tile by drawing, writing, and painting onto a 6×6 ceramic square. This activity is for everyone: residents waiting on a list,  recovering transplant patients returning for a check-up, family members supporting their loved ones, volunteers, and even staff members.

Art night claire Aug 14

The project has become a great outlet for participants to express who they are, bond through shared experiences with each other, and leave something behind for forever at Nora’s Home. Both children and adults enjoy the opportunity to make art for the facility and for themselves.

Once the tiles are decorated, they are sent away to be fired in a kiln at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The finished tiles will be displayed on a rotation on the walls of Nora’s Home until the Transplant Life Center is built. Eventually, the tiles will be  displayed as a permanent art installation on the walls of the entrance to the Transplant Life Center. With time, the tiles will accumulate to create a magnificent display of stories.

The following tile and poem were created by Claire McCarthy, founder of The Tile Project, about taking part in the project.

Claire's Tile


Photos taken of The Transplant Tile Project since then on Wednesday’s “Family Fun Nights”…

Before the tiles are displayed on our wall…

The ceramic tiles are fired in a kiln for about 12 hours at a temperature of 2,500 degrees.


Every possible color can be made with the glazes. Two coats of Clear Transparent gives the tiles their glossy and protective surface. Then, Liquid Nail is used to hang each tile onto our Transplant Tile Wall art installation.

Photo archive of every tile created…

Photo archive of fired tiles…

Here are the close-up images taken of some of the tiles  that have been fired, finished, and ready for display at Nora’s Home.