NORA’S HOME 6-1-16

Bryan & Hannah
Bryan & Hannah

Nora's Home 6-1-16

Artists of tile pictured (from left to right):
Bryan, Hannah

Painting tiles at Family Night was great fun! Bryan and Hannah are from Lufkin, TX and recent A&M graduates. They painted tiles in honor of Bryan’s father who just received a double lung transplant. I enjoyed getting to know them, as well as a few other guests that hung out at our tile table all evening.


Methodist 5-23-16

Artists of tiles: (from left to right)
Isabel, Sofia (2), Aubrey (5)

These three girls brought lots of joy to the tile table today! Sofia enjoyed the opportunity to use the drawing skills she practices at home in order to paint her self-portrait on a tile that will be displayed to others. Aubrey had the most infectious smile! Each time she looked up from her tile she would grin from ear to ear and everyone else at the table couldn’t help but smile back.


TCH Tile Gift 4-27-16

Nora’s Home is proud to have partnered with Texas Children’s Hospital Transplant Unit. Today, tiles painted by Texas Children’s transplant kiddos were gifted to Texas Children’s and installed on the 12th floor in West Tower.

Painting with these kids was such a blast! It is my hope that these tiles bring as much joy to those on the 12th floor as these children did to me. They are an inspiration to all!

A big thank you to Texas Children’s crew for all of their help in making this possible. I could not have been done without y’all!